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I’m Sydney Bufkin, writing teacher, digital humanist, and University of Texas PhD. My research interests include digital humanities, African American literature, reception study, publishing history, and the literature of reform. I’m also fascinated by the rhetorics of online spaces, popular reading and reviewing habits, and the way reading gets discussed in the media.

At the Washington and Lee University Library, I worked with faculty to design and implement digital assignments and with students to conceive and execute digital projects. I also served as liaison to the writing program and coordinated, delivered, and assessed information literacy instruction for writing classrooms. In addition, I was the institutional lead for Curating Our Collections, a multi-institution collaborative grant that is building a shared digital archive of oral histories and materials from Special Collections relating to desegregation and integration at four private southern liberal arts colleges.

I have taught a variety of writing and literature courses, from first-year seminars on public writing to surveys of American and African American literature to a course on American bestsellers designed to introduce students to the English major. My pedagogy has been deeply influenced by my work with the University of Texas’s Undergraduate Writing Center, and I emphasize a process-based, writing intensive approach to literature and an iterative, collaboration-heavy approach to writing.